Monday, 4 April 2011

The Passover or a Travesty?

As we are two weeks away from Passover, the hirelings who were called ministers in The Worldwide Church of God, and who are now fighting over the tithes and offerings of some very deluded people, will be preparing to eat bread and drink wine, believing that they are taking the Passover.  Well, Judas ate bread and drank wine with Jesus and his faithful disciples, but will anyone be so mad as to believe that Judas took the Passover, when Jesus says: “Give not that which is holy unto dogs”(Matt.7:6)?
Similarly, can anyone in his right mind believe that the men who now tacitly accept that Christ is divided and God is author of confusion will be used by God to officiate at the Passover?  The so-called leaders of UCG, LCG, PCG, RCG, COG/Hulme and the latest concoction of WCG, believed to be the brain child of Jim Franks, have all betrayed God’s people for a financial package, just as Judas betrayed Christ for a paltry 30 pieces of silver.
And even though Judas regretted his treachery, it was too late for repentance!  But the evil men now operating in cog-land, making merchandise of some of God’s flock, have never shown the slightest signs of regret for their failure to speak out against the poison that Tkach was feeding the church.  However, their fate will be the same as Judas.  For Jesus spoke of Judas thus: Mark 14:21, the same may be said of these evil hirelings!

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