Thursday, 31 December 2015

Will Jesus Return Before 2054?

The 25th of May 2014 was a very significant day in the calendar of God.  That date ushered in the parallel conditions that existed before the flood, which are described in Genesis chapter six.  There the conditions are described as, wicked, corrupt, the human imagination being continually evil and a world fill with violence(Gen.6:5). These conditions of gross wickedness led God to instruct Noah to build the Ark to save his family, as God’s judgment was to destroy man from off the earth (Gen.6:14-17).
God's judgment is the same today!  So when Jesus was answering questions  about the signs that will precede his second coming to judge the world(Acts17:31), he cited the evil conditions that existed at the time of Noah as exactly similar to those that will exist just prior to his second coming(Luke 17:26), (Matt.24:37).  Those conditions were exactly the same, beginning on 25 May 2014, and since Jesus said, this generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled(Matt. 24:34), it is certain that Christ will return before the 25 May 2054.

However, Jesus says, no man knows the day or hour of his return(Matt. 24:36)., But he also stated and commanded his faithful servants to look up for their redemption draws near, when they see the prophesied signs(Luke 21:28).

Of course, the prophecy of the destruction of Jerusalem in 70AD is mingled with the prophecy of the end  of this evil world.  The destruction of Jerusalem occurred less that forty years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, fulfilling his saying, “This generation shall not pass away until all be fulfilled.”  But the duality also applies to the end time prophecy.

However, even in the Worldwide Church of God this prophecy was misunderstood.  But in retrospect, that is not surprising as WCG was "naked and blind," because the emphasis was on material prosperity, which are the thorns that prevent the growth of spiritual understanding.

Sadly, the hirelings who now read my blog will be long dead before 2054!  But they will be resurrected to be condemned as they have done evil(John 5:28-29).  One may wonder why resurrect the hirelings to condemn them, when they are already dead?  Well, the answer will surprise some, but not the hirelings, who think they are doing the work of God.  Here is Jesus's answer thus:(Luke 12:4-5).

Some silly people think that "hell fire" is a fire that burns up physical things, just as the fires of this world burn up physical materials.  They failed to understand the teachings of Jesus, which clearly show that "hell fire" or "the lake of fire" is a fire that torments the spirit of the wicked.  That is why Satan is cast into the "lake of fire," where he and the hirelings will be tormented for all eternity.  If that is not true, what is the point of resurrecting the physically dead to kill them again?

The hirelings that betrayed God's elect for money, names were never in the Book of Life(Rev.21:27).  The Book of Life is a subject I intend to address when I have more time.