Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Intellectual Integrity

The following are my comments on extracts from a letter written by Keith Stump, the former WCG hireling and Plain Truth contributor. Stump wrote: "An intellectual is one who is willing to continually challenge and re-evaluate his own thoughts, theories and views." This really mean that an intellectual is not sure of what he believes or understands. For if he believes the truth, why does he need "to continually challenge and re-evaluate his own thoughts, theories and views?" This continual process would only be necessary if his "thoughts, theories and views "are based on supposition, speculation and conjecture. This endless process of re-evaluation does not apply to the truth, because the truth is eternal and immutable.

Referring to the doctrines of WCG, Stump wrote: "But there is hope. Case in point: I believe and taught that nonsense for years."

Why did Stump believe and teach these "false" doctrines for years? Did he suspend his intellectualism for the sake of money, or was he a victim of Saul Bellow's observation: "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep?" Especially when the illusion is one of money, power and influence.

Sadly, Stump has no credibility. His intellectual stance is both illogical and untenable. On the one hand, he tells us that an intellectual is supposed to evaluate the truth. Yet he admits, that for years he failed to take his own advice.

On the other hand, he wants us to believe that he was fully aware of the "perversions" of HWA, but his intellectual rigour, honesty and love for the brethren suffocated his courage, and prevented him from speaking out against them. Or was his silence induced by other motives?

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