Friday, 24 October 2008

The Fate of Lazarus or the Rich Man?

The following appeared on The Journal web site just before the Feast of Tabernacles, "According to early reports, Mr. McNair, a 1953 graduate of Ambassador College, Pasadena, and an early evangelist in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God, died after an illness that had lasted about two and one half years. He had suffered with prostate cancer." Of course, the death of God's people are precious in his sight, for, like Lazarus, they are taken by the angels into Abraham's bosom. So what about Mr.McNair, will his fate be that of the rich man's or Lazarus'?

Well, the last ten years of McNair's life do not suggest that he will be enjoying the same blessings as Lazarus. In 1998, he was a co-conspirator in hijacking the Global church from under the nose of Dr. Meredith. Later he wrote to LCG members asking for money to pay off the debts incurred when he and the gang of three hijacked Global.

The Journal added: "Mr. McNair in recent years was founder and president of the Church of God 21st Century, headquartered in the San Diego area." Well, anyone who starts his own church is an obvious heretic. For the only church that genuine Christians should be members of is the church of God, which is the spiritual body of Christ.

However, I expect tributes to start pouring in, stating what a wonderful person McNair was, and that he will be in the kingdom of God.