Saturday, 5 July 2008

The wicked is snared by his own lips!

1)Douglas Becker of the Painful Truth posted derogatory comments about Gavin Rumney, host of Ambassador Watch Blog, and attributed them to me by using my name. His purpose was to get Gavin to ban me from the blog, which Gavin did without any investigation into whether the comments were made by me or not. So much for justice!

A few days latter Douglas posted the following to AW blog, "it should be a chilling indictment against those who sign their false prophecies in Jesus' Name." There is no "should" about it! Anyone using Jesus' name to promote heretical opinions will suffer the consequences!

But what about those who defame other people's names to promote lies and slander, because their abusive comments were ignored? I shudder to think of the consequences, for your own words will come back to haunt you for all eternity!

2)On Sunday morning I visited AW blog and discovered the following additional blasphemy from Dennis Diehl, a former hireling with WCG: "Paul was also a false prophet by OT standards. One can also make the case that the "Jesus OF THE GOSPELS" and the first few verses of Revelation, was also wrong, but we can pass on that for now."

I must admit that Dennis' comments have had the same distressing impact on me as comments made by David John Hill in The Journal, two or three years ago, poking fun at Mr. Armstrong and bragging about his nepotism towards his wife. After reading Hill's comments, I was writing a letter to The Journal to express my outrage and disgust, when word reached me that Hill had suddenly died!

Later, Dennis added this foolish but bold assertion: "There is no knowing the future." Well, I won't be writing to Gavin to express my outrage and disgust, as he appears happy to accept and entertain blasphemous comments on his blog, but I expect word to reach me that Dennis has suffered the same fate as David John Hill!

3) On Tuesday I visited AW blog, and Him who "with lies have made the heart of the righteous sad:" added this: Would this suggest that the UCG leadership actually lied and broke their promises? They may have lied, but you definitely lied and slander my name. But when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, your refuge of lies will be swept away.

4) Monday 14th July. On my way from Mizpah to Tabor, I looked in on AW blog and discovered, as expected, that Dennis and Douglas are now terrified to attach their names to any of the inane comments they often make. Could it be they are beginning to run though no one is pursuing them? Could it be that they are beginning to be afraid at the shaking of a leaf? Could it be they are like the man who ran into a house from a bear, only to put his hand upon a serpent? Could it be they are being tormented by the fear of God's impending judgment?

5) Tuesday 15th July. Someone calling himself Jason M commented, NO ONE IS SHAKING TOM. Well, Jason, you may speak for yourself. But if you wish, you may ask yourself, why do you keep looking behind you when there is no one following you?

6) Wednesday 16th July. While I was in the house of mercy I viewed AW blog to see what was being reflected on, but once again, there were no reflections! The host appears to be trawling the web for any scrap of bad news about the Cogs, posting it, and then waiting for a tirade of inane comments from forum members. If that is what is called reflection, then madness should be called sanity!

However, I note that the two Ds are still terrified to attach their names to the inane and incoherent comments they make, not that they are alone in hiding in the shadows or making stupid comments. Still, one of the Ds is now calling himself Mark Lax. Wow! How original! I wonder who he thinks he is fooling?

The other D, who is often in a "black mood," have reverted to the original title of Anonymous! Wow! How riveting?

7) Sunday July 20th. A very brave guy, calling himself Jason, who has no surname, sent me an abusive post claiming he was the person who posted the derogatory comments about Gavin to AW blog. Then he accused me of being a coward. Well, at least I am coward enough to attach my name to all of my comments, and don't impersonate other people to slander their name.

Is Jason Douglas, or is Douglas Jason!!

8) Thursday 24th July. While at Mizpah watching for the destruction of the wicked, I looked in on AW blog and discovered that Dennis Diehl is brazenly, but foolishly, continuing his vituperation of Christ and the church he has founded.

Still, Dennis' behaviour is not surprising, though it deserves pity. For the infallible authority of the divine Scriptures described him thus: "The dog is turned to his own vomit again; and the sow that was washed to her wallowing in the mire."


9) While at Mizpah waiting for news of the destruction of the wicked, I looked in on AW blog and there was this from Dennis Diehl: "The Wonderful World Tomorrow" might be hell actually if we all conformed to ONE way of thinking, everyday, all the time for eternity. Talk about stuck!" Well, I can assure Dennis that whether he likes it or not, he will be tormented the same way for all eternity. Then he will realise what it is really like to be stuck.

10) Saturday 2nd August. While at Mizpah waiting for news of the destruction of the wicked, I looked in on AW blog and there was this from the host: "I'm a PC kind of guy, culturally sensitive to the reality of living in a multi-ethnic world where people of diverse backgrounds rub shoulders." Well, being PC correct and culturally sensitive are not the same as being objective and impartial, which are two elements of justice.

P.S. Richard, when he to whom vengeance belongs, shows himself, if word should reach you before it reaches me, I am now back at Mizpah.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

An Impersonator has spoken.

"When I was a boy, I thought as a boy. When I turned to be a man I thought of my heroes. Mr. Armstrong was and is to this day a hero to me. Soon I shall leave Mizpah and take over the helm of Gods true church, the LCG from Mr. Meredith.

It has been fun here toying with you people. Gavin, remove my posts that I so bravely posted here. As for the rest of you I leave you this thought. A dog returns to it's vomit."
While I was busy taking my daughters to piano lessons, a deceiver used my name to post comments on Ambassador Watch Blog. Comments that would never enter my head.

However, I believe his purpose was to get Gavin to ban me from the forum. Well, he has succeeded! But his success will be very short lived, because his lies, deceit and incessant abuse will bring swift destruction upon him.