Sunday, 22 March 2009

A Time For Growth

Spring is here! It is a time of and for growth(Song 2:11-13). But growth is not automatic. The farmer understands that seeds grow better in good ground, that has been well prepared. He also appreciates the need to regularly water his fields. But after carry out these tasks, he remains helpless! For only God is able to give the increase. 1 Cor.3:6). The farmer just has to wait to see whether he will have a bumper harvest, or whether Joel 1:4.

Similarly, spiritual growth is not automatic. For just as in the physical world, the ground must be good and well prepared, so that the seed of the word may germinate deep roots. Else when the sun gets hot, in the form of persecution, the plants will wither and die(Mark 4:16-17), as we have sadly witnessed in the fields of WCG, UCG, PCG RCG, LCG, COGHulme, and all the divided groups in cog-land.

Still, God has provided faithful ministers to feed his people with knowledge and understanding(Jer. 3:15; Eph. 4:11-14). Their role is to edify the body Christ, and bring its members into the UNITY of the faith.

And of course, I am not referring to any of the men that were ordained "ministers" in WCG, who are actually hirelings. These evil men have divided the church and exploited the brethren for the sake "filthy lucre ." These charlatans are not able to feed anyone with knowledge and understanding, as they are completely ignorant of and disobedient to the teachings of the bible.

But those who truly love God, and desire to see him glorified, will heed the warnings of Jesus and
Peter thus: John 15:5-6; 2 Pet. 3:17-18, and will continue to produce good fruit.


Tom Mahon said...

An anonymous person often writes to me and poses a number of poorly constructed questions or makes silly comments about matters unrelated to the topics of my posts. Who ever you are, please stop wasting your time writing to me, for my policy is not to engage in discussions with people who don't have the courage to add their names to any comments they make.

If you want to join a cabal of anonymous commentators, who specializes in gossip, innuendo and slander, AW blog is the place for you. There who will be greeted by Rumney, the rueful; Dennis, the depressed; Douglas, the deranged and others with conditions that I don't have time to analyse. Suffice to say, that Charlie who once denounced Xmas as pagan is now celebrating it with his children. How does one begin to analyse the behaviour of a dog returning to its own vomit?

Tom Mahon said...

This morning I received an irate, irrational message from one calling himself, Jason Mulligan. But I don't have the faintest idea what he is talking about, and why he sees me as a threat to society as we know it.

However, I am tempted to post his tirade for others to judge, but I am still meditating on whether I should expose other people, who may be susceptible to insanity, to the "mystery of inequity."

Anonymous said...

I don,t see you as a threat to society but I do see that you have lot of anger towards ministers who you think have let you and the church down. That shows me that you were looking to men rather than Jesus Christ. If you were looking to Christ you would understand God,s plan how the apostasy fits into it and you would also understand future events.While you spend your time being angry God,s plan marches on just as He wills.

Tom Mahon said...

Jason Mulligan?..said...

>>I don,t see you as a threat to society..<<

I am pleased to here it.

>>..but I do see that you have lot of anger towards ministers who you think have let you and the church down.<<

You are "free" to jump to any conclusions you wish, but I am not angry with anyone, and I don't think that ministers let me or the church "down," to use your rather imprecise term.

Ephesians 4:11-14, along with other related passages, sets out the role of the ministry. It is evident to anyone who is not suffering from supernatural blindness, that the majority of WCG's ministers failed to fulfilled their responsibility to care for the flock of God, but did every thing to care for themselves.

I therefore believe it is the duty of all zealous Christians to point out their failure, and to warn weak members to stay away from these evil men.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for some of us scoffers your blog would be dead. So what are you doing for passover?

Tom Mahon said...

Anonymous said...

>>If it wasn't for some of us scoffers your blog would be dead. So what are you doing for passover?<<

If popularity was a sign of success Jesus would be a failure.