Thursday, 26 May 2011

The Middle East In Prophecy

A few months after the six day war in October 1973 between the Arabs and Israel, Mr Herbert W. Armstrong wrote the following: “The nations of the world will literally be dumbfounded when they see what will really happen in the explosive  Middle East.”  Mr Armstrong then went on to outlined a series of prophecies that show the current Middle East uprising will lead to unprecedented violence and destruction, ending in the prophesied battle of “Armageddon.”

Later in his seminal article he wrote: “Prophecy reveals that there will continue to be further strife and bloodshed in the Middle East.  Neither the United Nations nor any other power or nation will be able to find a workable solution to today’s vexing Middle East impasse.  There will be more talks, more truces – and more bloodletting.  The bible shows that no human government will ever be able to bring lasting peace to this volatile part of the world.”

Now I well aware that those who have repudiated all that they once believed, and are now enthusiastic scoffers, will continue to poke fun at prophecy.  So any discussion with these people is like flogging a dead horse!

On the other hand, we have a busy cabal of covetous, greedy hirelings, operating out of WCG, UCG, RCG, PCG, LCG, COG/Hulme and many others, who blasphemed by calling themselves ministers of Christ, still mouthing these prophecies.  They foolishly think that God is using them to preach that Christ is divided!  So when their disunity is exposed, some go off and start their own church, while others are willing to work for anyone who will pay them a salary.  But then that is the nature of hirelings, they are motivated by money!  These, of course, will be hurled into the lake of fire, where their worm dies not!
But Mr Armstrong and God's elect will inherit eternal life!