Monday, 4 August 2008

AW Blog & The Doldrums

Gavin said...

>>>Great news scoop from Mike over at Don't Drink the Flavor Aid. At last Ron gets some much deserved attention... Couldn't happen to a nicer chap!<<<

Is this how you plan to spend the rest of your life, which is fast approaching its end, trawling the web for bad news about other people and gloating over it? Do you not have any ORIGINAL ideas on any topic that you can post to your blog. If all the other blogs from which you plagiarized material were to go off line, would you be able to generate a NEW idea, that would be worthy of sensible people time and thought. Now, I realise that most of the people posting here are very shallow, and intellectually bankrupt. So you would have to pitch the topic at its basic level, but if it is ORIGINAL it might solicit replies from people who are capable of thinking! Just trying to lift you out of the doldrums, before the end comes!


Gavin Advises... >>>So settle back in the armchair, crack a six pack and tuck a copy of the Philadelphia Trumpet under the cushion to establish the mood.<<<

You appear to have gone from scraping the bottom of the barrel to drinking the dregs left over from 15 years ago. Well, if it helps you to settle back, bully for you!

I hope you will be the first to publish the fatal wound that Dennis and Douglas have inflicted upon themselves. Although your wound may not appear to be as grievous, prejudice and partiality are fatal diseases, you might be amused to discover!

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