Monday, 22 September 2008

What? Christian women and cancer!

Every year hundreds of COG women die of breast, cervical or bowel cancers. A brief scan of any COG pray list will reveal the number of distressing cases of cancer amongst COG women and, sadly, the majority will be dead within 12 months, and the rest within 5 years. For you can be certain that God will not heal them. Those who don't die from gynecological related cancers, suffer the indignity of having their wombs removed to protect their damaged health, or are crippled by osteoporosis.

Yet, you never hear any of the hirelings in cog-land addressing this tragedy from the pulpit, or in their inane publications. One would have thought that the grieving husbands would want answers to why their wives contracted a fatal disease, and despite all the pray and "fasting" God didn't heal their wives.

For years in WCG, we sang: "Children are the gift of God, and the fruit of the womb is his reward," and then proceeded to erect barriers against receiving his gifts and denying him his reward. The main barrier erected by so-called Christian women, under the guise of family planning, is the contraceptive pill. Of course, there are other barriers, which have destructive side effects, but the pill is the most destructive to women's health and longevity of life.

The pill does not only prevent conception, it also triggers an abortion if conception occurs before the egg reaches the womb. If conceptions take place, the chemical reactions in the body spring into action to support the pregnancy, and prepare for the birth of the baby. Messages are sent from the brain to the mammary glands to start producing milk to feed the baby.

A few days or weeks later, the whole process is disrupted by the pill triggering an abortion of the gift of God. How despicable? It is impossible to fully understand the impact such an event has on a so-called Christian woman's body. The mammary glands are forced to abort the production of milk, and all the other organs that were activated to support the pregnancy go into shock!

The medium to long term consequences for so-called Christian women, who want to be like the women of the world, is hysterectomies, cancers of the cervix, breast, bowel, stomach or being crippled by osteoporosis - with ultimate exclusion from the kingdom of God, followed by eternal punishment. What a tragedy!!

To be continued

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