Friday, 12 December 2008

The dogs and their vomit

The silly season of Christmas is here again, and the dogs that have returned to their own vomit are about to further disgrace themselves, if that is possible! 

The leading dog, who is afflicted with severe distemper and madness, recently vomited the following: "No critically thinking theologian or layman would ever be tempted to take the contradictory accounts of Jesus birth in Matthew and Luke literally true." Wow! How would a brute beast know what humans are capable of understanding?

Of course, the leader of the the canine pact is not alone in returning to his own vomit, for he was joined by Charlie and others to eat their own vomit. How disgusting can one get!

Still, I shall remain at Mizpah until the pit be dug for the wicked.


Robert said...

Looks like the heretics have taken over the Ambassador forum. Even the tree is worshipped as a goddess. Whatever next?

Anonymous said...

I agree. Too bad that they cannot see that they are too focused on the vomit of HWA too. He was the "tree" whose trunk was and is worshipped by those who cannot free themselves from the idolatry of the Armstrongs

Tom Mahon said...

Robert said...

>>Looks like the heretics have taken over the Ambassador forum.<<

Sadly, that is the nature of heresy. It tends to spread like a verulent disease, expecially when it is being peddled by a hireling, who is now unemployed and unemployable.

AW blog is kept "alive" by a small cabal of irrational people, who are incapble of coherent thought or the ability to recognise logical deduction. That is why Douglas, whose pet term in "incompetence, conspired to get me ban from the forum. And of course, Gavin, who is always between a rock and a hard place, capitulated.

Nevertheless, you will live to see the demise of all my detractors!