Saturday, 31 January 2009

An Old Chestnut

The leader of the irrational cabal of scoffers that coalesce around AW blog regurgitated the following: "It gets tedious when the defenders of Herbert W. Armstrong demand proof for his incest." It may get tedious to those who make allegations without being able to provide irrefutable evidence in support their of charges, but those who believe that people are innocent until proven guilty, demand proof of guilt before conviction and execution.

The primary reason for Robinson's 1984 book was to discredit Mr. Armstrong. And any juicy rumour or whiff of slander he heard was immediately included in his diatribe against God's servant. Robinson is no different from Dennis, Douglas, Gavin, Stan, Corky, Richard , Charlie and the rest of the cabal, who left WCG screaming that HWA was a charlatan. They goal in life is to listen to or discover anything that would discredit God's servant.

Blindly, him who is pursuing, what is laughingly called, "A degree in theology" mindlessly wondered
"What kind of proof would they like?"
Ignoring the weakness of the question, they would like the same proof that you would want to see, if the same allegations were make against you or any of the cabal of irrational scoffers. You dumbo!


Anonymous said...

Well Tom I never knew you could make so much sense. You said it!

Tom Mahon said...

Anonymous said...

>>Well Tom I never knew you could make so much sense. You said it!<<

Your comment just shows that there are lots of things you don't know. For example, you don't seem to know that it is courteous to add your name to any comments you make. Unless, of course, you want to continue living a life of anonymity and fear of other men.