Monday, 23 February 2009

Anonymous Rant

Yesterday I received an incoherent rant from an irrational, anonymous writer. The venom and vitriol were quite amusing. But what was most amusing, was the unwillingness or inability of the writer to add his or her name to the comments they made. Hiding in the shadows and hurling abuse at people is not very convincing.

The person obviously disagrees with my comments. And of course, he or she is "free" to do so; and I would be more than happy to publish their comments, provided they are coherent and not abusive. I don't even mind the use of very forceful language, or rational indignation, but I am not yet capable of understanding irrational, emotional outburst of anger and rage. For the bible describes this type of uncontrolled behaviour as the "Mystery of Inequity."

However, if you are still out there, and wish to engage me in a rational discussion, please feel free to pen your coherent comments?

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