Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another Old Chestnut

After the leader of the cabal of scoffers, that coalesce around AW blog was put to shame for regurgitating baseless allegations against God's servant, Mr. Armstrong, he quickly brought out another old chestnut, entitle "False Prophecies," believing that here he was on surer ground.

While it is true that that ministers, including Mr. Armstrong, speculated about the roles certain men might play in fulfilling bible prophecy, and those speculations turned out to be wrong, does not invalidate the actual prophecies. This contention can be easily illustrated thus. The police might believe or speculate that a certain individual might be involved in a crime because of his past behaviour. He might even be arrested and charged with the crime, only for the prosecution to later discover that he is innocent. But his innocence does not mean a crime was not committed. All it means is, the man arrested and charged was not the culprit!

Similarly, because Mr. Armstrong put the wrong people in the frame of prophecy does not mean that the prophecy will not be fulfilled, with the right people in the frame, in the fullness of time.

Of course, those people with irrational minds will stumble to the conclusion that because the police arrested and charge the wrong man, no crime was committed! In the same way, they have blindly assumed that prophecy is nonsense, because the wrong people were in the frame.

None of this madness surprises me. For Corky, who is completely deranged, avers that people of higher intelligence and devotion to their faith are more likely to be guilty of incest. If this nonsense is true, one wonders what idiots are likely to do?

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