Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Swine Flu: a biblical Prophecy?

I am not sure how destructive the current outbreak of swine flu is likely to be, but the Bible prophesies disease epidemics that will kill millions. This outbreak could be the partial fulfilment of those prophecies. The pivotal prophecy that Mr. Herbert Armstrong used to constantly remind the church of is found in Matt.24:7.

The events outlined there are described as "the beginning of sorrows." Of course, these prophetic warnings have been rejected by Joe Tkach and his loony supporters, and also by a growing cabal of insane scoffers, especially the mindless group that tend to coalesce around AW blog, feeding on endless gossip, innuendo and slander. But the madness of scoffers was foretold by God thus 2 Pet.3:3-5.

Meanwhile, the WHO and other health agencies are now panicking, while trying to reassure the public that all will be well. But if this outbreak is a fulfilment of prophecy, all their health measures and reassurances will prove useless.

However, God's elect has nothing to fear. For they have this promise Psalm 91:1-15. And all the promises of God are (2 Cor.1:20).

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Christian or Just Religious, Which?

Is being religious the same as being Christian? Well, I think it is obvious to Protestants, Catholics and other evangelical denominations, that the people who worship at the altars of eastern religions are not Christian. But Protestants, Catholics and other evangelicals tend to believe that they are all Christian, even tough they can't agree on what the bible teaches on marriage, homosexuality, contraception, the ordination of women and a host of other precepts and practices.

This misguided belief is very evident amongst the so-called churches of God. For example, UCG has a different form of government from LCG, PCG, RCG, COG/Hulme and a host of other divided splinter groups. Also, ever so often turf wars breakout among the various churches of god, and ministers, or to be more exact, hirelings leave to start their own church or join some other divided group. A recent example was John Meakin leaving COG/Hulme to join LCG. Yet, because of some form of aberration, they all believe that they are Christian. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

After Jesus delivered his sermon on the mount, defining the characteristics of a true Christian, he summed it up thus: Matt. 7:24-27. So to determine who is a Christian, all we have to do is review the sayings of Christ, and then look around to see who is doing them.

Now no one in his right mind can believe that Christ is divided, or that a faithful minister of Christ would forsake a group of Christians and join another group of Christians, and some how believe that both groups will one day end up in the kingdom of God. If this practice is not madness, then I must be insane!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Complete Metamorphosis

With WCG changing its name to Grace Communion International, Joe Tkach's journey from Damascus is now complete. The journey to oblivion began in the late 1980s with a covert visit to Azuzu Pacific, a theological college based in southern California. There Joe and his fellow cohorts were seduced by Satan in believing that Mr. Armstrong was a false prophet and that WCG was a dangerous cult. One could never image the horror that must have assailed the cohort at this enlightening announcement!

Of course, the story of how the cohort persuaded the unstable Tkach senior to adopt the doctrines of devils have been told over and over again, even by hirelings who were complicit in disseminating them among an unsuspecting laity. So there is no need for me to rehearse that story here. Suffice to say, that those "ministers," who were actually hirelings, are equally as guilty as the cohort for the scattering of God flock upon every mountain(Ezek. 34:6).

Nevertheless, many in LCG, UCG, COG-Hulme, PCG, RCG and most of the other divided, splinter groups will lament this bizarre transformation from a butterfly to a caterpillar!

However, God never ceases to encourage his faithful people by visiting his wrath on the wicked. So don't be surprised if the cohort is swiftly removed from the scene, now that they have completed their journey from Damascus.

Monday, 6 April 2009

The Passover or Bread and Wine?

In the next few days many of the divided groups in cog-land, led by hirelings, who left WCG, drawing away disciples after them, will be get together to celebrate what they will be calling the Passover. But does the act of eating unleavened bread and drinking wine on the 14th of Nisan constitutes observing the Passover? Many will be surprised to learn that the answer is no!

In ancient Israel only the circumcised and the undefiled could honourably celebrate the Passover. And under the NT dispensation, only the spiritually circumcised, who live a life of sanctity and obedience are counted worthy to take the Passover.

The Passover is the communion of the blood and body of Christ(1 Cor.10:16), and those who eat at the table of devils cannot also eat at the table of the Lord (1 Cor.10:21). The hirelings and their followers, who spends every day of their tragic lives eating at the table of devils, are of the perverse, misguided impression that they would be allowed to eat of the table of the Lord. They may take of the symbols of the Passover, but Christ, who is the substance will not be there for them to feed on.

Sadly and tragically, those who have remained under the tyranny and deception of Joe junior, have adopted the Protestant practice of observing what is insultingly called, "the Lord's supper." These are completely insane!

However, when the death angel passes through none of them will be able to escape his vengeance!