Sunday, 12 April 2009

A Complete Metamorphosis

With WCG changing its name to Grace Communion International, Joe Tkach's journey from Damascus is now complete. The journey to oblivion began in the late 1980s with a covert visit to Azuzu Pacific, a theological college based in southern California. There Joe and his fellow cohorts were seduced by Satan in believing that Mr. Armstrong was a false prophet and that WCG was a dangerous cult. One could never image the horror that must have assailed the cohort at this enlightening announcement!

Of course, the story of how the cohort persuaded the unstable Tkach senior to adopt the doctrines of devils have been told over and over again, even by hirelings who were complicit in disseminating them among an unsuspecting laity. So there is no need for me to rehearse that story here. Suffice to say, that those "ministers," who were actually hirelings, are equally as guilty as the cohort for the scattering of God flock upon every mountain(Ezek. 34:6).

Nevertheless, many in LCG, UCG, COG-Hulme, PCG, RCG and most of the other divided, splinter groups will lament this bizarre transformation from a butterfly to a caterpillar!

However, God never ceases to encourage his faithful people by visiting his wrath on the wicked. So don't be surprised if the cohort is swiftly removed from the scene, now that they have completed their journey from Damascus.


Anonymous said...

Who are these faithful? Why are you so secretive about their identity? Are you and these other faithful waiting to be raptured off?

Tom Mahon said...

Jason Mulligan/Anonymous asked...

>>Who are these faithful?<<

The faithful are those who have fled from listening to the preaching of hirelings. For Jesus said, "A stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not the voice of strangers"(John 10:5).

If the ministers operating in cog-land are Christ's faithful ministers, then I am not the sheep, for I don't recognise their divided voices.

>>Why are you so secretive about their identity?<<

The sheep have been scattered, so I don't know where they all are. In fact, I don't know of any other Christians other than my wife and I. That is not to say that we are the only two Christians in the world, or even in the UK. But if you examine the behaviour of the people who used to attend WCG, you are bound to conclude that 99.5% of them were not converted. And the percentage of unconverted people in the ministry might even be higher

>>Are you and these other faithful waiting to be raptured off?<<

"Raptured? What do you mean by raptured?

Anonymous said...

"With WCG changing its name to Grace Communion International, Joe Tkach's journey from Damascus is now complete."

You make it sound as if the Road to Damascus was a bad thing!? Jesus shouldn't offend you but give you confidence.