Monday, 6 April 2009

The Passover or Bread and Wine?

In the next few days many of the divided groups in cog-land, led by hirelings, who left WCG, drawing away disciples after them, will be get together to celebrate what they will be calling the Passover. But does the act of eating unleavened bread and drinking wine on the 14th of Nisan constitutes observing the Passover? Many will be surprised to learn that the answer is no!

In ancient Israel only the circumcised and the undefiled could honourably celebrate the Passover. And under the NT dispensation, only the spiritually circumcised, who live a life of sanctity and obedience are counted worthy to take the Passover.

The Passover is the communion of the blood and body of Christ(1 Cor.10:16), and those who eat at the table of devils cannot also eat at the table of the Lord (1 Cor.10:21). The hirelings and their followers, who spends every day of their tragic lives eating at the table of devils, are of the perverse, misguided impression that they would be allowed to eat of the table of the Lord. They may take of the symbols of the Passover, but Christ, who is the substance will not be there for them to feed on.

Sadly and tragically, those who have remained under the tyranny and deception of Joe junior, have adopted the Protestant practice of observing what is insultingly called, "the Lord's supper." These are completely insane!

However, when the death angel passes through none of them will be able to escape his vengeance!

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