Friday, 23 July 2010

Another Hireling Has Jumped Ship

Word has reached me that UCG has fractured yet again. This time I believe that Leon Walker, the director of the Spanish work, has jumped ship and persuaded a number of gullible, deceived passengers to do the same thing. Of course, they were leaving a ship that had already floundered on the rocks of greed, duplicity and biblical ignorance.

Since UCG was formed in 1995, its leadership have tacitly accepted that Christ is divided and God is the author of confusion. One example will serve to illustrate the madness of their acceptance. After Larry Salyar, as part of the gang of four, conspired to hijack The Global Church, and his treachery was exposed. He abandoned the gang of three, and set off to join UCG. UCG’s leadership never questioned Larry’s treachery, as they are traitors themselves. They just accepted him as a genuine minister of Christ, which is blasphemy! If UCG’s leadership didn’t believe that Christ is divided, and God is the author of confusion, Larry would not have been accepted as a minister in their ranks!

So even though Leon Walker has jumped ship and taken a number of insane passengers with him, he will still be regarded by all the COGs as a genuine minister of Christ, who just couldn’t live at peace with his fellow ministers. But by some miracle, he hopes to live at peace with them in God kingdom for all eternity. If this belief is not rabid madness, then it has to be “the mystery of iniquity” gone mad.