Saturday, 26 February 2011

Earthquakes and A scoffer’s Reaction. (SEE UPDATE)

The below quote is the opening salvo from a former member of The Worldwide Church of God, who has repudiated all that he once believed, and is now an enthusiastic but ill informed scoffer:Dimwitted morons who are keen to find cause for disasters are two a penny, but apocalyptic control freaks have to be at the very bottom of the barrel.”  This insane attack is against Ron Fraser, a “minister” and writer in the Philadelphia Church of God.

The enthusiastic scoffer in none other than Gavin Rumney, of the infamous Ambassador Watch Blog.  Since graduating with a distance learning BA in theology from Otago university, Rumney has arrogated to himself the status of a scholar, and delights in quoting from a farrago of texts, penned by men with bloated egos, who think they understand the bible.

However, even after Rumney’s rant of hot air against Ron Fraser, he was unable or unwilling to say what was the cause of the Christchurch earthquake.  Perhaps Rumney believes in the idiotic theory of plate tectonics, and thinks that nature operates by caprice.  So the quake in Christchurch was just an unfortunate event, which could occur any where at any time.  Well, nothing should be done to wake up Rumney nor rescue him if the next "capricious" quake is centered under his home!

But for the few people who still believe that God controls nature, and decides where earthquakes and other so-called natural disaster will strike, the words of Jesus might be helpful.  When Jesus was told that Pilate had mingled the blood of Galileans with his sacrifices, and that the temple of Siloam fell on 18 people, note his reply: “Suppose you that these Galileans were sinners above all the Galileans, because they suffered such things?  I tell you, no: but except you repent, you shall all likewise perish” (Luke 13:1-5).

So today it is Christchurch, but tomorrow it will be you, Rumney and the deranged Douglas Becker might be shocked to learn!


My audience include people from Japan.  If God led them to this site they may have been unaffected by the recent quake, as his intention is to have mercy on them by eventually leading them to repentance.  

However, much larger and more destructive earthquakes are on the horizon, for God has promised to shake both the heavens and the earth!

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