Thursday, 10 February 2011

When was Satan thrown out of heaven?

The above question was posed by an earnest soul looking for the truth, as he or she had read that the Jehovah Witnesses believe and teach that Satan was cast out in 1914.  Eric Snow, from UCG, wrote a rambling reply denying the year 1914, but was unable to say when Satan was cast out.
In replying to the earnest soul, Eric cited a number of scriptural texts, which he twisted, to regurgitate the WCG teaching that Satan was cast out of heaven before Adam and Eve were created.  This belief is pure heresy, which Satan has planted in the minds of those who were and are afflicted with the Laodicean condition of blindness.

It would be tedious to write a long explanation of how and when Satan was cast out, as most of my faithful readers are either still on the milk of the word or have fallen from grace, and are therefore unable to understand the meat of the word.  But one text will suffice to show that Satan was not cast  out before Adam and Eve were created.

When Jesus was talking about his death and resurrection, please note what he was inspired to say: "Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out(John 12:31).  If Satan had been cast out before the creation of Adam and Eve, why was Jesus saying that he would be cast out after his death and resurrection?

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