Thursday, 20 October 2011


Once again I had a fruitless but extended conversation with a minister in The Worldwide Church of God, UK.  I wanted know how he could justify attending with WCG when he disagrees with the doctrinal changes introduced by Joseph Tkach and his son?  So I began the conversation by stating that all faithful ministers and brethren had a God given responsibility to speak out against all forms of heresy, and to “earnestly contend for the faith”(Jude 3).  I then asked the minister if he spoke out against the false teaching, by warning the brethren that they were being feed spiritual poison.
His response to my questions and quotation from Jude was completely irrational.  He stated that “to speak out against Tkach’s teaching amounts to rebellion against God’s servant.”  What nonsense?  One can only rebel against the truth, not against heresy!  However, he unwittingly agreed with me that the reason ministers did not speak out was because they feared being sacked, without the hope of future employment.  After he conceded this fact, I stated that any minister who placed financial consideration before the spiritual welfare of God’s people was a hireling.   But when he realised that I was branding him a hireling, he tried to change the subject.
It was then time for me to take my leave, realising that the discussion was fruitless.

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