Thursday, 25 October 2012

The worse is yet to come!

Economic depression and famine stalk the land; our streets are full of bloody crimes; the concept of the family has almost disappeared from our vocabulary; abortions have reached an all time high; women are dying of more gynaecological related cancers than ever before, and our children are not safe in schools, colleges or on the streets. With two months to go, this year has already been truly momentous!

Can things get any worse?  They can and they will.  The indications are, this winter will be the worse since records began as God begins to use the weather to punish the wicked(Job 37:6-13).  As winter grips the land, next year’s harvest of essential grains is likely to be less than this year’s, which has already resulted in higher food prices, as the greedy food manufacturers “make the ephah small, and the shekel great”(Amos 8:2-7).   Of course, these conditions were prophesied by Joel thus(Joel 1:2-4).

Against this background of impending disaster and misery, we are plagued by widespread religious confusion.  The divided groups that came out of The Worldwide Church of God, were primarily set up to provide salaries for a discredited cabal of hirelings.  So for the sake of “filthy lucre,” these so-called ministers continue to teach that Christ is divided, and anything else that their deluded congregations want to hear(2 Tim.4:3-4)..

However, the collapse of society is a moral problem, as a direct result of broken laws!  A subject I intend to write about when I have more time.

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