Monday, 5 August 2013

A Warm Welcome to The Called of God

Over the past week 96 pages of my blog have been read by people from Latvia. This level of activity suggests that those who have been reading the contents of my blog, have been recommending the material to others or the same people have been re-reading posts to try and get a better understanding of what God is saying to his people.  There may also be other reasons, which I will let God disclose when it pleases him.

However, I will like to welcome my readers from Latvia, and those from all the other countries.  My hope is, that God will open their minds to his truth.  If in his mercy he does that, his purpose would be "to open their eyes, and to turn them from dankness to light, and from the power of satan to God...(Acts 26:18).

Those that are called and chosen would have been elected "According to the foreknowledge of God the father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience...(1 Peter 1:2).  Of course, in this demonic world, obedience has become a dirty word.  The mention of obedience is often met with defiance and rebellion by the vast majority of people.  They prefer to talk about agreements and compromises, which have nothing to do with the teachings of the bible.

Even among the so-called churches of God, where men have arrogated to themselves the responsibility of preaching what they foolishly think is the gospel, the term obedience has been replaced by the platitude of "love."  If we examine the lunacy being preached in GCI, UCG, LCG, RCG, COG/Hulme, etc., we are driven to the inescapable conclusion that the leaders, their fellow hirelings ministers and their deluded flocks don't believe or teach obedience to any Christian principles. 

Of course, that is not surprising, for all the leaders of the above groups have proven to be criminals, by fleecing their deluded members of tithes and offerings to support a lifestyle they inherited from their hireling days in WCG.  And when WCG was breaking up, they took a financial package to betray God's people.  But they have some surprisings coming, and they won't be pleasant!

On the other hand, God's faithful ministers have been enjoined by Jesus thus: "Freely you have received, freely give."  So any religious web sites that ask for money or say they welcome donations are not of God!

So to my readers, who are being led by God to his truth, may he be with you in all you say and do.

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