Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Forty Years of Trials

Today, 2June 2015, is 40 years since I was baptised into the church of God.  My baptism was carried out by Arthur Suckling, who was then the pastor of the Godalming church.  Sadly, he has turned out to be a hireling, and the last I heard of him, he was a minister in UCG.

When I first met Arthur Suckling, despite his tendency to display his latent prejudices towards Gentiles, I thought he might be truly converted.  For when he related the difficult experiences he endured in the forces because of his desire to keep the Sabbath, I thought those experiences could be described as, “a great fight of afflictions” (Hebrews.10:32-33), that led to his initial illumination.  But that certainly was not the case.

However, as God’s scattered flock may remember, UCG was formed by a group of men who failed to speak out against Tkach’s doctrinal changes, because they feared being sacked without a financial package.  Yet the faithful men of God are commanded thus: “Ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence” (Isaiah 62:6). Of course, if these men were true ministers of Christ, they could not have kept silent when they saw God’s children being fed spiritual poison.

Since then UCG has gone through many upheavals, as different pompous men thought that they should be in charged of the money that are donated by deceived, misguided people. 

Victor Kubic is now the president of UCG.  What a joke!  He was appointed assistant to Joe junior, who by nepotism was appointed head of ministerial services over Larry Salyer.  So Victor Kubic knew about the doctrinal changes, yet he remained silent. His silence was bought by money!

He even told me at the Feast of Tabernacles, Haggerston Castle 1995, that he did not speak out against the changes, even though he disagreed with them.  He also admitted, although he is not alone, that when he was at Ambassador College in England, he pretended that he didn’t want to be a minister, but in his heart he always wanted ministerial office!  Well, he has got the office that he always wanted, but it will be the death of him,  and all those that are in league with him!

Anyway, many along with me were baptised many years ago, but from their ignorance of the bible and willingness to follow a cabal of hirelings into the lake of fire, it is evident that they were not sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise(Eph.1:13).

Finally, my journey to Damascus continues, despite the crazy people I have met travelling on the road from Damascus, that leads to oblivion.