Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Forty Years of Trials

Today, 2June 2015, is 40 years since I was baptised into the church of God.  My baptism was carried out by Arthur Suckling, who was then the pastor of the Godalming church.  Sadly, he has turned out to be a hireling, and the last I heard of him, he was a minister in UCG.

When I first met Arthur Suckling, despite his tendency to display his latent prejudices towards Gentiles, I thought he might be truly converted.  For when he related the difficult experiences he endured in the forces because of his desire to keep the Sabbath, I thought those experiences could be described as, “a great fight of afflictions” (Hebrews.10:32-33), that led to his initial illumination.  But that certainly was not the case.

However, as God’s scattered flock may remember, UCG was formed by a group of men who failed to speak out against Tkach’s doctrinal changes, because they feared being sacked without a financial package.  Yet the faithful men of God are commanded thus: “Ye that make mention of the Lord, keep not silence” (Isaiah 62:6). Of course, if these men were true ministers of Christ, they could not have kept silent when they saw God’s children being fed spiritual poison.

Since then UCG has gone through many upheavals, as different pompous men thought that they should be in charged of the money that are donated by deceived, misguided people. 

Victor Kubic is now the president of UCG.  What a joke!  He was appointed assistant to Joe junior, who by nepotism was appointed head of ministerial services over Larry Salyer.  So Victor Kubic knew about the doctrinal changes, yet he remained silent. His silence was bought by money!

He even told me at the Feast of Tabernacles, Haggerston Castle 1995, that he did not speak out against the changes, even though he disagreed with them.  He also admitted, although he is not alone, that when he was at Ambassador College in England, he pretended that he didn’t want to be a minister, but in his heart he always wanted ministerial office!  Well, he has got the office that he always wanted, but it will be the death of him,  and all those that are in league with him!

Anyway, many along with me were baptised many years ago, but from their ignorance of the bible and willingness to follow a cabal of hirelings into the lake of fire, it is evident that they were not sealed with that Holy Spirit of promise(Eph.1:13).

Finally, my journey to Damascus continues, despite the crazy people I have met travelling on the road from Damascus, that leads to oblivion.


Anonymous said...

Tom no doubt well see you at the feast again snooping around to make trouble. why be around these people if you feel they are unbelievers.

go to your own feast we dont want you there.

all the time a effort you spent blogging shit spent it with you wife children and grandchildren.

if you are really happy with your spiritual and family life than good for you but leave people to make their own decision you idiot

Tom Mahon said...

"Snooping around to make trouble?" No one can honestly accuse me of snooping around to make trouble any where on earth. Unless, of course, you are able to cite some examples of me meddling in other people's business or being arrested for making trouble.

Also, what Feast are you talking about? CGI and WCG no longer celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles, which is a Holy convocation, that is, a commanded assembly. Yet many members can now have the option of staying at home or even going to work during the week of the Feast.

Finally, you no doubt will mote that I have the courage to add my name to the comments I make. When you are able to do the same, I might just take you seriously.

Anonymous said...

yes snooping around. and yes plenty on people can accuse you of this. you blind old man. READ YOUR BLOGS FOOL
why go to Panigton then? Go else where so you can be away from the CGI or WCG.
why come to just judge and provoke others with your bull shit.
you have a lovely family. spend time building a relationship with them otherwise you will loose them instead of spending time blogging crap.
i know your boys from the early chuch and a few of the younger ones too when you were in birmingham. stop hating.
I dont even think you have an objective. if you want to do good for those then do so instead of criticising every thing in life.
what are your faults because reading your previous blogs it seems you are perfect and not guilty of anything.

Knowing someone identity is not important it is the content which is. so if you dont take Anonymous blog seriously why have you reply to all of them .

Anonymous said...

it is clear that the breaking up of the "true church" has affected you otherwise you would have spoken out long before Mr Armstrong died.
did you not detect these problems then. but nearly 30 years after his death you are speaking about the Hirelings in the church.
you have been alway very out spoken just like Herbert W. Armstrong was so why did you not preach the gospel as he did and build a church. you have had 30 years. no you are too hook up on criticising where is your love.
I can see any

Tom Mahon said...

Firstly, it is evident that you are unable to construct a coherent argument in defence of whatever opinions you hold.

Secondly, your language is a clear indication that you are not converted, as no converted person will allow "filthy communication to proceed out of his or her mouth," or be easily angered. For anger rests in the bosom of fools!

Thirdly, if you have evidence that the former WCG, UK, and perhaps most of the international ministry were and are not hirelings, please feel free to post it here? For I don't often delete comments, however absurd or irrational they might be.

Finally, as you are terrified to say who you are, why should I take you seriously. However, I am instructed to: "Answer a fool according to his folly, less he be wise in his own conceit." That is why I reply to my detractors!

Anonymous said...

you have not answered the questions i put to you just defected them as usual with your cryptic quote from the bible.

would knowing who i am change the why you question.

you have been blogging for years not so answer the questions Tom Mahon that i put to you or don't answer at all