Monday, 31 August 2015

Why Were Hirelings Ordained?

I have finally torn myself away from all my preoccupations in order update my blog, and to fullfil the promise I made to comment how so many men were ordained “ministers,” in The Worldwide Church of God, when in reality they were hirelings.  Of course, If I cite all the Scriptural texts that refer to this important doctrine, this post would be very long.  So I shall only refer to the key Scriptural texts.

Ambassador College

Almost all of the men that were ordained full time “ministers,” and were given a house, a car, a salary, an expense account and the responsibility to care for one or more congregations, attended Ambassador College.  Many of them were sons of “ministers” or members of the church.  A few came via the process of matriculation to what was perceived as a tertiary education!  But sadly, almost none of them were called by God before, during or after graduation.

The intrigues of ambition

However, while these young men were at Ambassador College, it became evident to them, that if they were ordained they would be destined for a life of moderate luxury, and congregations of sycophant men and women to massage their egos, especially on the Sabbath, where they were met by a flatterer to direct them to their car parking space, and a woman aspiring to the office of deaconess, with a silver salver of tea and specially baked cakes!  It would be laughable, if it wasn’t so serious!

Anyway, to achieve their goal of being a hireling, they feigned repentance, volunteered for menial jobs, such as, cleaning the toilets and picking up litter and licking the boots of men like Raymond McNair, Dr Meredith and anyone else they thought were in a position to recommend them for ministerial training or even immediate ordination.

Sadly for them, many achieved their goal and were ordained and sent out as field ministers, without any knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom heaven, and devoid of the present of the Holy Spirit of Truth and love in their lives.  They were therefore of no help to the few faithful members of Christ flock!

Pay and pray

Some were so arrogant, that they even stood behind the lectern and told congregations:  “Your job is to pay and pray!”  But they didn’t say, our job is to take your money, live a life of luxury at your expense, while you and your family struggle to buy food and pay bills!

Of course, the congregations were to pray that God would call more people to pay more tithes, and give larger offerings, to ensure the financial security of the hirelings.  But if the hirelings or their wives were sick, as a consequence of breaking God’s law, the prayers of the congregations were not requested.  Their sins and wickedness were kept secret among themselves!  And another hireling, entitled, Evangelist, was sent out to anoint and pray for the sick hireling or his wife.  There was some kind of insane, misguided belief, that a hireling evangelist had some special connection to God!  It was only when the hireling or his wife were closed to death, that the prayers of the congregation were sought!  But why would God hear the prayers of the congregation on behalf of such evil men?

The door or some other way?

It is evident that the hirelings, who are the same as thieves and robbers, never came through the door, which is Christ(John 10:1-2). If they had come through the door of Christ, they would be shepherds, ready to lay down their lives for the flock, not fleeing hirelings(John 10:13)!

The narrative continues: “To him,” that is, the shepherd, “the porter opens; and the sheep hear his voice”(John 10:3).  Who is the porter that opens the door of Christ, so that the shepherds may enter?

During the reign of King David, he and Samuel established the office of the porter(1 Chron.9:22).  Their duty was to guard the gates of the tabernacle(1Chron.9:22); (2 Chron.8:14), and only open the gates to let in people who were holy(2 Chron.23:6).  The unclean were kept out, but if they got in by climbing up some other way, they were put to death(Verse 19); (2 Chron. 23:7).

That death sentence should send shockwaves through the hirelings that are now operating out of GCI, UCG, RCG, LCG, COG/Hulme, and all the other divided so-called churches of God.  The porter did not open for any of these men, who are thieves and robbers! They climbed up into the temple by licking the boots of Raymond McNair or Carl McNair, both of whom died miserable deaths.  Those who didn’t lick someone’s boots sucked up to Dr Meredith, or even Mr Armstrong, as Gerald Waterhouse did, to go around the churches talking nonsense about a place of final training.

These evil men were ordained shepherds, when in reality they were and are hirelings.  But I shudder to think of their judgment, for they are ignorant of the terror of the Lord(2 Cor.5:11).

To be continued