Sunday, 20 September 2015

Where Are Your Children?

This morning it was announced that Jackie Collins had died of breast cancer, age 77. Well, after a few days of tributes by her admirers and friends, and lamentations by her family, the book will be closed, until the next celebrity dies of some other cancer.

But no one will ask, why are so many women dying of breast cancer? Is breast cancer a natural hazard of life or the results of what is laughingly called, Family Planning, which in reality is child prevention.

The god of science has introduced women to the contraceptive pill, without informing them that it is a lethal drug. So today, most women over the age of 50 have had a hysterectomy, or is in danger of dying of a gynaecologically related cancer. 

Even in The Worldwide church of God, where people ought to have known better, we used to sing: "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward"(Ps.127:3).  After the singing, most couples closed the hymnal, and said to God, "Give the gifts to someone else, I don't need them." 

I once heard a hireling minister describing his fourth child as "having slipped through the net."  I supposed that was the contraceptive net!  And on another occasion, a local elder, bloated with pride, who I will not name, for his wife wanted the child, marched into services on a holiday day, and lamented from the lecturn that his wife was pregnant with their third child.  I now often see the child on Face Book, and I often wonder if I should say to him, "Your father never wanted you."

Woe to them, they have got some terrifying surprises coming!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom. My Name is Raúl and live in Italy studying religion. contraception is a topic which has confused me.
I have stumbled upon your blogs. very powerful but you seem from reading very bitter. from reading I understand you are a senior man do you have children too.
I have been taught God is love. I hope you find peace soon.

Tom Mahon said...

Hi Rual, You would have to understand what happened to The Worldwide Church of God to appreciate my righteous, vehement indignation against those who betrayed God's people for the sake of money. I am not bitter! I am shocked and appalled!

To study religion is not the same as to study the bible. But only God can help you to see the difference.

You need not be confused by contraception. Any honest doctor will tell you that it is the primary cause of breasts, cervical bowel, stomach and skin cancers in women.

And yes, I have family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom Raúl here again,
Thanks for your reply, I will definitely research this topic in more depth.
We all as Christian strive to be like our creator, and as we all know we have all betrayed Gods ways (Romans 3:23)
it is evident that you still have great love for these people. Do you think its left to God to forgive them if they repent.
We live in a world which is dictated by money and greed and living here in Italy this has happened in many of the churches here.
I hope I am inspired to rise above this and have my own church in the further which teaches the right way of God. Would you not consider forming your own church you blogs are very powerful.

Tom Mahon said...

The people who betrayed God's people will not be forgiven! They are rotten to the core!

A true Christian cannot start his own church, he or she is called to be a member of the church Christ is building.

However, throughout the ages many people have started their own church, but these people are heretics. The men who betrayed God's people for money have also started their own church or have joined one started by their partners in crime.

If God opens your mind to his truth, you will have no desire to start your own church.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Raúl here,
Just researched some topics over the last few days for my studies. as mention this is a difficult topic however I accept that God will show me the correct path.

A little difficult understanding your views about church or churches. did you not go to church. although I did struggle to agree with all of my churches teaching I did find it inspiring to be with people who are in Gods mind.

all the best Tom I hope your find peace.