Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The Divine Drama Part 2

In accordance with God’s eternal purpose, which he purposed in Christ Jesus before the foundation of the world, he decided how many children he would create in his own image, the glory they would receive, their status and role within the church on earth (Eph.1:4); (Eph.4:11); (1Cor.12:8-10) and their eternal status in the world “wherein dwells righteousness” (2 Pet.3:13.  Their names were also written in the book of life or “written in heaven”(Heb.12:23); (Rev.13:8), and their identity and glory were hidden from the angels.  But his children, through the Holy Spirit, know they are the children of God (Rom8:16), but don’t know how great will be their glory (1John 3:1-2).

To implement the plan, God created the heavens and earth.  His plan to make his children “subject to vanity”(Rom.8:20), required the creation of Adam and Eve, who were predestined to sin so that vanity could be in the world.  Unless, of course, people are so silly as to believe that God was unaware that Satan would deceive Eve, and after she was deceived he had to react to solve the problem of death, by sending Jesus to redeem those who choose to believe in him.  That heretical opinion is currently being promoted by Joe junior, and The Evangelical Alliance of Churches.

But if we brush aside their idiotic opinions, and focus on what the bible teaches, we learn that Christ was "foreordained before the foundation of the world to redeem God's elect..."(1Pet.1:20); (Acts 2:23), who were made "subject to vanity."

Now it is said, they were subjected to vanity, "not willingly."  But what is meant by, "not willingly?"  For God never does anything that is not in accordance with his will.

The phrase, "not willingly," conceals a great mystery.  But suffice to say, just as Christ learned obedience by the things he suffered (Heb.5:8), God's children, on pilgrimage in this evil world, are learning obedience by to things they are suffering.

At predetermined times, God caused his spiritual children to be "partakers of flesh and blood" (Heb.2:14): and thereby "subject to vanity:" and through whom he revealed aspects of The Divine Drama.  His children are called, "vessels of mercy" (Rom.9:23), who were made partakers of human flesh, created from the same lump of clay as the "vessels of wrath fitted to destruction"(Rom.9:22).  The vessels of wrath will not be saved, but destroyed, for that is the purpose for which they were created.

Now Paul anticipated the questions, "Why does he find fault? For who has resisted his will"(Rom.9:19).  Those questions have baffled many over the ages, and has led the unwise to accused God of being unjust.  I once heard John Jewell say, "If God doesn't give everyone an opportunity for salvation, he will have to be a monster."  With that kind of mindset, no wonder he didn't speak out against the poisonous doctrine of Tkach.

But the answer to those questions are so hard to be understood, that here is not the place to even attempt a partial elucidation of them.  Plus, I doubt that the people who read my blog, are sufficiently, spiritually matured to appreciate Paul's answer.

Now this sublime mystery of being made “subject to vanity” can only be contemplated by those who are able to comprehend the incomprehensibility of the nobility of suffering.  Him to whom the keys of the kingdom were given hinted at the nobility of suffering, and implied that only the Chosen Vessel understood why, the saints should “Account the long suffering of our Lord is salvation…(2Pet.3:15-16).

To be continued

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