Sunday, 21 May 2017

Why is Nakedness Shameful?

When God created Adam and Eve, and placed them in the garden of Eden, it is recorded: "They were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed"(Gen.2:25).  So what happened, in the garden of Eden, to cause nakedness to be shameful?  Before I answer that question, permit me to summarise the events that led up to the couple hiding themselves because they discovered that they were naked. 

 The background

Satan, in the form of a serpant, deceived the woman into believing that God was hiding something from them, by forbidding them to eat of the tree of good and evil(Gen.3:4-5).  So after being deceived, the woman "took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat(Gen.3:6).

The narrative continues: "the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked..."(Gen.3:7).  Were they created blind?  God forbid!  For we read: "when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and it was pleasant to the eyes..."(Gen.3:6).  So according to the narrative, when they were created, their physical eyes were opened.  So what eyes are these that were opened, after they ate of the tree of good and evil?  Well, according to the revelation and inspired teaching of the Chosen Vessel, man has two sets of eyes.  One physical set, which allow him see the world around him, and the other set spiritual.  But sadly, man is spiritually blind.  Hence the pray of the Chosen Vessel is this: "I cease not to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers; That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him: the EYES of your understanding being enlightened;..(Eph.1:16-18).

So, the eyes of Adam's and Eve's understanding were suddenly opened to comprehend the wretched state into which they had fallen, by failing to obey God's instruction, not to even touch the tree of good and evil.  But why was nakedness suddenly shameful?

I delibertaely created a degree of suspense, by delaying answering this question, to shame the current and former hirelings/ministers of The Worldwide Church of God, who quitely frankly are ignorant of the teachings of the bible.  Dr Meredith, in particular, like to boast that he taught the Epistles of Paul for 25 years at Ambassador College, yet the man is completely ignorant of wholesome teachings of the bible.

To be able to understand and teach the Epistles of the Chosen Vessel, one has to receive "visions and revelations of Lord, and be taken up to the third heaven, to hear unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter"(2 Cor.12:1-4).

Which of the hireling ministers of WCG will dare say, "I was taken up to the third heaven, which is Paradise?

That is the question, which I shall answer later.


Anonymous said...

Time to answer your own question Tom...

Anonymous said...

Tom won't answer because he does not know. Other than whoring himself out to Herbert Armstrong's idiotic interpretations he has nothing left to stand on.

Tom Mahon said...

Anon asserts thus:

>"Tom won't answer because he does not know."<

In that case, why not satisfy the curiosity of the other Anon, by answering the question?

BTW, it astonishes me that some people are afraid to add their names to the comments they make.

Bongo Bongo said...

Just answer your own question will you.

Robert Mugabe said...

I usually stay anonymous because people don't believe that this is my real name!

Tom Mahon said...

Well, if your name is truly Robert Mugabe, there is no point in explaining anything from the bible to you. But if you name were one of these: Frank Brown, Paul Suckling, Arthur Suckling, John Meakin, David Bedford, Francis Bergin, Peter Shenton, George DeLap, David Magowen, Robin Jones, John Jewell, David or Andrew Silcox or anyone of the so-called local elders, who used the intrigues of ambition to win the prizes due to merit, I might just be persuaded to comply with your request.

But, sadly, you will have to wait until the day of Christ. If you give him your true name, you may only be further tormented a few demons.

Tom Mahon said...

The people who used to call themselves Bongo Bongo, were the racists in WCG, who thought that God was an Englishman. They had no knowledge of the bible!

So to explain one of the sublime mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven to one of their last surviving member of the tribe, would be like casting pearls before swine. The maxim is, "You can take the pig out of the gutter, but you can't take the gutter out of the pig."

Antiochus IV Epiphanes said...

Hey Tom, in the interests of equality I think you should have named Ezekiel Smith & Jeremiah Rapson also. But maybe all the people you mention have already moved on with their lives and repented (or whatever). Don't you think it is time for you to let go of the past and move on with your own life. Nevertheless, it is an interesting blog and, for me at least, worthwhile reading about a fascinating era from someone else's POV.

Tom Mahon said...


I forgot to mentioned Ed Smith and the biblical scholar Jeremy Rapson, who was educated in the Meredith school of theology. Nothing is more laughable!

The last "sermon" I heard Rapson gave was at the Feast, Paignton, 1994. It was about global warming, and his contribution to the cause by recycling his child's nappies. No wonder his wife left him.

As for your suggestion that I should move on: where should I go? The true Christian is required to burn all his bridges behind him, so there is going back to my former way of life. I am similar to the prodigal son, I have come home to stay forever with my father.

Antiochus IV Epiphanes said...

You could go to Philadelphia. Stephen & Gerald seem to be doing a pretty good job of replicating WCG and if you're a good boy you might even get to go in the Gulfstream!

Tom Mahon said...


Though HWA was God's servant, he lack understanding of many of the doctrines of the bible. The reason being, he presided over the Laodicean era of the church. That era was naked and blind(that phrase should help you understand why nakedness is shameful)with the emphasis material properity as a sign of righteous. That is why God spewed the church out of his mouth.

So those that have left WCG, to draw away disciples after them are mere heretics, preaching the same false doctrines of WCG. In fact, they now believe that Christ is divided and God is author of confusion, as people hop from church to church, when they are become unhappy. And even some hirelings leave one church to join another or even start their own.

So these days we see Jerry Flurry, Tkach junior, Dave Pack, David Hulme, Dr Meredith and many others with their own churches, deceiving themselves that they are doing the work of God. Yet, Jesus started one church.

So to coin a phrase, "I won't be seen dead among them." Not that I will ever die, for Jesus says: "Truly, truly, I say unto you, he that hears my word, and believe on him that sent me, have everlasting life...(John 5:24).

All of those wicked men have got some surprises coming, and no one will be bringing flowers!

AnnBatt said...

In 1991 I was baptised into the body by Mr Peter Shenton at the Arlanda Hotel/Sweden. It was an awesome moment in my life after having been connected to Sunday keeping churches for almost half of it. Imagine my dismay when, after having attended Passover services and 4 FOTs I began to realise that all was not well within this very body and that it was a time of confusion and change! I gravitated to Pentecostalism for a time as it seemed that it was 'acceptable' to regress back to Sunday worship plus pagan hol-y-days but this regression felt wrong and so I drifted for many years in a churchless no man's land so to speak.
However my Father seems to have remembered me as last year, 2016, He introduced me to the Aramaic Pictograms and Paleo Hebrew and also the Interlinear Bible and my life has radically changed. I'm back to Sabbath keeping and celebrating the Biblical Feasts and will never depart from this true Way again.

Tom Mahon said...


A very interesting story of your religious life. I also was baptised by a man, Arthur Suckling, who is now attending, I believe, with UCG. And like Peter Shenton, he is not converted. But he is probably paid a salary for talking nonsense on the Sabbath, for he is completely ignorant of the wholesome teachings of the bible.

Who are the people that you think God has led you to fellowship with? Where are they based, and can you summarised the core of their teachings.

The Chosen Vessel was inspired to ask, the emphatic rhetorical question, "Is Christ divided?" And Christ, himself, emphatically stated: "My sheep will hear my voice, and a stranger they will NOT follow." So if are one of Christ sheep, as you think, how come you attended a church that observed Sunday, instead of the Sabbath? For Jesus goes on to say: "They will flee from strangers; for they know not the voice of strangers."