Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Why is Nakedness Shameful, Part Two?

The Worldwide Church of God was the Laodicean era of the the seven eras of the church of God.  Sadly, it was believed to be the Philadelphian era of the church.  However, a close examination of its spiritual condition by a spiritual mind would definitely reveal a sick, Laodicean condition.

WCG, unwittingly, preached a prosperity religion.  The same religion, that is preached today by T D Jakes, Joel Olteen and many others, who deceived desperately, vulnerable people into believing that God is to be worshipped primarily for the sake of money.

Although the hireling ministry of WCG talked about "qualifying" for the kingdom of God, which was and is heresy, they judged WCG's members to be righteously walking with God, if they had a "good job," drove a smart car, lived in a good house in a smart neighborhood, and could afford smart clothes for their children.  So to some degree, WCG's preaching was very little different from the madness of Protestantism, in all its ugly guises.   And of course, WCG measured its growth by the 30% increase in income it received every year for many years.

But in reality, WCG being Laodicean, was "naked and blind!"  In fact it was in a worse condition than Adam and Eve.  For Adam and Eve were naked, but their eyes were opened, so they hid themselves and covered their nakedness.  On the other hand, WCG didn't know it was "naked and blind."  So it didn't try to hide or cover its nakedness.

To be continued