Sunday, 28 September 2008

Another Hireling Jumped Ship

After Ron King, the hirling director of Living Church of God UK, announced that John Meakin jumped from David Hulme's shipwreck to join LCG drifting barge, King went on to say, "Mr Meakin is a minister of thirty three years experience in the United Kingdom and will be serving as Area Pastor in the south of England, including London.  He has experience in editorial work and we look forward to receiving his help in this area.

Well, unless Meakin is bringing most of his existing docile laity with him, there won't be much for him to pastor. For the LCG congregation in London consists of about 10 people when everyone is in attendance, and in the unspecified South, there may be 6 people, who can't tell their right hand from their left.

Among Hulme's discredited UK "ministry," or should that be hirelings, Meakin is probably respected and might even be admired by many of his fellow hirelings. So his departure just before the Feast will send shock waves through those who are still clinging to the wreckage, hoping to be rescued.

His departure will also be seen by some as a hideous act of treachery and betrayal. But they are just reaping what they sowed. In 1995, Hulme's hirelings, including Meakin, sold the brethren for what was called a financial package, but what God inspired Jeremiah to call a bribe!

My former "pastor," Peter Shenton, and local elder, Ian Martin, who are the most contemptible of men, will be on the phone to discuss the implications of Meakin's treachery. And like unscrupulous, contemptible politicians, they will begin to position themselves to occupy the vacancy created by Meakin's departure. But they will have to fight Rapson, who sees himself as a biblical scholar, trained in the Meredith school of theology. What a laugh!

Of course, God is not real to any of these people.  If he was, they would never behave in such a deceitful and deplorable manner.  For they would remember the words of the Chosen Vessel, when he says, "Do you not know that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God"(1 Cor.6:9).


Anonymous said...

How does feel to be the only true christian alive? Well if you are the only one I guess your sheep and shepard too.Why aren't you taking the gospel into all the world? Don't tell me the end is here already. Since you are the only sheep I know you are feeding yourself

Tom Mahon said...

Anonymous asked...

>>How does feel to be the only true christian alive?<<

While Noah was building the Ark, I suspect that someone posed this same question to him. And wasn't Abraham astonished that there were not 10 righteous people in the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? And doesn't it leave you breathless, that of 600,000 people who left Egypt under the leadership of Moses, only Joshua and Caleb made it into the promised land!

However, I don't believe that I am the only Christian on earth, but I do believe that the genuine people of God, who are led by his Holy Spirit of Truth, are a very small flock.

Anon asked: "Why aren't you taking the gospel into all the world?"

The Chosen Vessel was inspired to ask: "How shall they preach, except they be sent?"(Roms.10:15). And this a rhetorical question! Still, many hirelings in cog-land have arrogated to themselves the responsibility of preaching what they think is the gospel. But the hirelings are just deluding simple minded people, and making merchandise of them, by robbing them of tithes and offerings.

BTW, I don't feed myself. Genuine Christian are fed by the Holy Spirit of Truth. For as Augustine observed, "No preaching is of any help to anyone, unless the Holy Spirit is at work life of the hearer to help him understand what is said." So unless the Holy Spirit is at work in your life, all that I write will be foolishness to you!

alan said...

Tom, you are way out with regard to figures for LCG London, more like 35 with 50 on some holy days. Also those in South London are way off - down to 3 (excluding the new Hastings video group). Somehow we survived your departure back in 2000!

Tom Mahon said...

alan said...

>>Tom, you are way out with regard to figures for LCG London, more like 35 with 50 on some holy days.<<

Where did the new people come from? Have you had an influx of church-hoppers from WCG or some of the other divided splinters?

When I was attending, my family of 10 made up half of the congregation. Since then The power hungry Hunnisetts left to join RCG, and then hopped back to LCG. Perhaps he was hoping to lead the group, but his destructive ambitions were probably thwarted by Mrs. Gilbert, who are fully aware of his malevolence. Later Sonia left and a few others are too sick to attend services. So your 35 is probably an aspiration rather than a reality.

>>Also those in South London are way off - down to 3 (excluding the new Hastings video group).<<

You mean it is worse than I thought! The Hastings group is probably another 3 misguided people. All very sad!

>>Somehow we survived your departure back in 2000!<<

That is not what Doug Winnail told me. He was and is fully aware of the back stabbing that went on while I was at the Feast in Barbados. I was advised to stay away from London until Winnail had arrived in Ireland, then he was going to sort out the situation. But I rejected his political decision.

Of course, after a few months as host of the London church, it was evident to me that most people there, if any, were not converted. And time has demonstrated how right I was.

I suppose you and the group of speculators will soon be off to celebrate, what you think is, the Feast of Tabernacles, but I can assure you that Jesus will not be there!