Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Obama and The Prophetic Frenzy

The election of Obama as president of the US is, with out doubt, an epoch making event. Of course, all power is of God: "The powers that be, are ordained of God." So even though some in the US and around the world may believe that Obama's election to the highest office in the land is a testimony to the social progress the US has made, those who are much wiser, will see the hand of God guiding events in the fulfillment of prophecy. So where Obama's presidency will lead is yet to become clear, but the omens are not good!

However, expect the false prophets in cog-land to be transported into a frenzy of speculations and predictions. Every familiar biblical text will be poured over and reinterpreted to explained why God has allowed a half Israelite to become the head of his people, and why this is bound to be a disaster.

Still, genuine Christians neither vote nor support anyone running for elected office, as Christ is their Lord and soon coming king. But we are commanded to watch world events, and to be like men that wait for their Lord.

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