Sunday, 25 October 2009

To Which Fable Have You Turned?

The Apostle Paul was inspired to write that in the last days some church members shall depart from “the faith,“ be seduced by “doctrines of devils” and living with destroyed consciences(1 Tim.4:1-2). Peter also added that many will turn to fables.

Even a quick examination of the doctrines and practices of the splinter groups that have been formed since the break up of The Worldwide Church of God, will reveal that most no longer understand, if they ever did, or teach “sound doctrine.” Sadly, many now teach that the bible and the theory of evolution are compatible! Even luminaries such as, the depressed Dennis, the deranged Douglas, the gibbering Gavin and many of the mindless cabal of scoffers that coalesce around AW blog have turned to fables.

Dennis is now a promoter of the idiotic ideas of astrology over the divine revelation of the bible. And of course, Douglas is an expert in psychological disorders, and is therefore able to reduce every complex problem to the mental disorder of incompetence. The rest of the cabal hold Mr. Herbert Armstrong personally responsible for every problem in the world, including their return to fables!

To be continued…

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Anonymous said...

What do muzzy-headed stirrers, quarrelsome, inerudite buffoons, and Toms Against Hirelings have in common? If you answered, "They all undermine the intellectual purpose of higher education," then pat yourself on the back.

Toms Against Hirelings justifies its grumpy stances with fallacious logical arguments based on argumentum ad baculum. In case you're unfamiliar with the term, it means that if we don't accept Toms Against Hirelings's claim that a richly evocative description of a problem automatically implies the correct solution to that problem then it will inculcate demonic platitudes. At the risk of shocking you further I shall point out that Toms Against Hirelings consumes, infests, and destroys. It lives off the death and destruction of others.

As a parenthetical note, if Toms Against Hirelings wants to punish dissent through intimidation, public ridicule, economic exclusion, imprisonment, and most extremely, death, let it wear the opprobrium of that decision. I don't mean to condemn anyone's beliefs, but Toms Against Hirelings's objectives are becoming increasingly unbridled. They have already begun to create an untrue and injurious impression of an entire people. Now fast-forward a few years to a time in which they have enabled Toms Against Hirelings to use organized violence to suppress opposition.

Socrates was condemned to death by the city of Athens for his views. I hope I don't receive the same treatment for saying that Toms Against Hirelings has made it known that it fully intends to twist and turn as you like, is and remains a disgrace to humanity.